Wednesday, December 26, 2012

reflection of 12 days of kindness

our 12 days of kindness have brought on a whirlwind of emotions, Joy, thankfulness, and Love just to name a few. last year when I heard about this idea (and gentry was too young) I knew 2012 would be the start of this new tradition in our family. However, I didn't know how God would use it to transform my heart for people... all people, not just the ones you already love, but the ones you don't even know anything about either. I cannot exactly put into words the magnitude of what the Lord has done through this or is still doing, but I can tell you I am more happy then I have ever been! Maybe it's the joy I have gotten from giving to people, or maybe its the joy through watching my child love fully and witnessing her grasp the idea of what this season is truly about. either way I am changed! let me rephrase that, we are changed... this has been the most fun tradition yet, and I know that in years to come as we continue to do this, my girls will look back on these moments and understand the concept of what it truly means to give generously, at least I can hope this much :) so now what... do we put our kindness back on the shelf and save it for next year? or do we take this time to approach the upcoming year with a heart of thankfulness and continue to bless and love all people? for us the answer is simple, we are going to keep it up :) we are going to focus this year on others, not just how we can bless them, or what material object we can give them, but how we can love them, pray for them, encourage them, lead them to Him, all of it..this year instead of pulling out "that phrase", you know the one "i'm too busy, I don't have time" we are going to make time for what is really important and put away all the excuses! we are going to approach 2013 with endless opportunity... leaving God to be the illustrator of how we can bless and love his people that we come in contact with daily. imagine how awesome life would be if we all left time in our lives for him to use us. I can't help but think that the person you just rushed to bag your grocery's and had no time for is more important to him then what time your dinner arrives on the table. I know we've all done it me included, its reality, its life, I get it... but lets leave some wiggle room in our daily lives for God to transform the world around us.

2013 is looking marvelous! I am eager to see the Lord's work through my family and how he will teach us even more then he has in the last 12 days! Stay Tuned for 2013, the year of loving all people, with wiggle room, attitude adjustments, and no excuses! :)

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