Monday, April 19, 2010

Can we please rewind???

I had a fantastic weekend full of cookouts, picnics, fun times with amazing friends, strawberry picking, time with my husband and a nice long relaxing prenatal massage at the mom spa with a hole cut out for my belly and everything.... it was needed! I also had a mini midlife crisis, as i found my very first gray hair on my head the day before i turned 28... OH NO MY LIFE IS COMING TO AN END... ok maybe not but i mean, who gets gray hair at 28??? I can only think that within this next year with a baby on the way there will be more gray hairs to come. Nothing like a gray hair to make you feel like you are one step closer to that grave then you thought... I know I am being a bit dramatic but IT WAS REALLY REALLY GRAY... ahhhhhh! my mom just started getting her first gray hairs and she is 53- something is WRONG with this picture! Anyways I now have one more  year under my belt and I am anxious for this next year full of life changes as we move one step forward to building our family together. I can only hope that grace comes with age in my case :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The way you make me feeeeeeeeeeeeeell...

ok so I can't deny that Pregnancy makes you feel oh so lovely... if the first trimester full of puking and nausea wasn't enough we have now graduated to big bellyville... yes that's right I officially feel HUGE!  kinda like a hippo or a wildebeest or a large oger... all of which i find highly unattractive! its clear that others around you notice this too with the stares you get, people look at you like you're an alien or at least carrying one...don't get me wrong I certainly do not think my child is an alien, but you have to admit its still crazy to me to think there is a little human forming inside of me..God certainly has a sense of humor, because something that brings such joy in life has a lovely way of making you feel like at any moment your chair might break from your large growing belly...  I can't help but laugh daily at the new things you find out about pregnancy that THEY DON'T TELL YOU IN THE BOOKS!!! what good are those books anyways? my child is sure gonna be a handlful I can already promise you that, but either way I will take that sweet little handful and love it unconditionally and buckle up for the fun and full of laughter ride that we are about to embark on! I cannot wait to know my child and to see its sweet little face! the baby and I have already been having conversations on spit up... it should know by now if it needs to spit up- do it on dad! we will soon see if this memo has come thru clear come september... and did i mention i am ready to know what this baby is??? boy or girl we will love it the same! however I am a little partial to Team Girl ;) Our names have been picked out since my first pee on a stick!

Boy- Stetson Monroe Reynolds
Girl- Gentry Emerson Reynolds

I am just ready to know what exactly i will be calliing "IT" so I can stop reffering to IT as a IT...hurray up May 3rd- we cannot wait to see you!!! :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Father's Gloom

We were so excited to go to the doctor on Monday. It was our day to finally find out the gender of our baby that we've now been enjoying in Courtney's womb for the past 17 weeks. We took off work early for our 2:50 appointment. I met Courtney at the doctor's office with a big smile. I just knew it was a boy, while Courtney using every prediction around including the Chinese calendar just knew it was a girl. They called our name and we slowly walked to the little room where we waited excitedly and impatiently for almost an hour. Finally the Doctor entered the room. We were so excited! She performed her routine procedures and checked the baby's heart rate. Everything sounded good. Then finally came the best part - the ultrasound! We looked at the doctor and said, "Ok we're ready to find out the Good News - a boy or a girl. We watched the doctor's lips answer slowly, "The ultrasound technician is slammed. It'll be another 3 weeks until we can get ya'll in" We couldn't believe what we heard. All our excitement and anticipation came to a halt. We checked out and left the doctor's office with such gloom and depression. Courtney was in tears. I was doing everything I could to comfort her...So that's where we're at. We'll let you know as we sssslllllllooooooowlllyyy count down the next 3 weeks. See u soon.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hello!!! We have officially become bloggers :)

We are completely enjoying married life and are happy to celebrate 9 wonderful months so far. Our life is full of fun, laughter, and lots of time together! its great to do life with your best friend, thats for sure! we are happy to say that we have a sweet little baby coming our way in September. We are anxious to be parents fully devoted to laying a foundation of faith in our child. We already feel so blessed that the Lord is going to entrust us with such a wonderful blessing! we are counting down the seconds until May 3rd when we find out what exactly is in that tummy of mine! Thank you for being our friends, family and support through this wonderful life journey we are beginning... we cannot wait to include you in it every step of the way!!!