Thursday, February 24, 2011

Social Parade and Picnics

Smart and Trendy Moms

this is the first time I am participating in the "social parade" I always see people post about The social parade every friday, but have yet to do it myself... so here goes its time for a SOCIAL PARADE!

this week has been BEAUTIFUL out... so we have taken full advantage of the gorgouse weather here in charleston with daily picnics in our backyard... here are a few of my favorite photos from the week...

playin in my jumper while mom and dad clean out the garage

love these sweet little piggies

thanks Dad for these lashes

watching my "siblings" play

lovin on my sweet sister lola

playing with mom

extreme close up

I am excited for my weekend... 
Friday I will be having a fun evening with my hubs and my little girl
Saturday we are going to Cypress Gardens to have a picnic with 2 other couples that are friends of ours :)
Sunday I am going to meet my new sweet little niece that just arrived! I cannot wait to see her :)

hoopla hoopla for a social parade!

Parting is such sweet sorrow

Last week one of my best friends Carly who was 20 weeks pregnant found out she had lost the baby and then had to deliver it. I received a call from the hospital just before she was about to go into labor... and as soon as she said the words I just lost it... I cried and cried and cried. I feel like in times when their are no words the best this you can do is cry, so that is what I did... I sat their on the phone with my sweet friend crying... words can't even express how you feel in those moments and I knew she was about to go through something very difficult... labor is hard enough when you have a child to care for on the other end of it, but to go through labor and on the other end hold a sweet baby that never took a breath is far more difficult then I can even imagine.

shortly after our conversation I got an update that I want to share with you...

"Just wanted to give yall an update.  
I delivered a baby boy at 4:19am he was 2.9 oz and 6 in long this morning and it made it a lot more real.  We were doing ok but then at that point it hit us. This was a real precious life. We are doing great now and God has really comforted us in so many ways.  Thank you so much for your prayers and I wanted to share something pretty neat with you. After we saw the baby the nurses put together a little memory box and it inspired us to try to name this little one.  So we started looking at names and came across "Eli" which means "ascended". Before all this happened, we were gonna name it "Levi" if it was a boy but Andi never could say Levi and always called the baby in mommy's tummy "Eli".  When we came across the meaning we knew it was a special way that God was saying "I love you".  How faithful He is and we feel his presence in this rough time and really do thank you guys for your prayers."

 it is so sad to think that this sweet little boy didnt make it, but so great to know he is now wrapped in the arms of a most high God that loves him far more then anyone on earth could... and while I do so wish my friend could have had a life full of being Eli's mama, I am happy she at least got 20 weeks with him. so it is in these moments that I truly understand the phrase "parting is such sweet sorrow" because while you are sad to see him go- we are rejoicing in the fact that Eli is with his heavenly father, being loved abundantly more then we can ever imagine!

Please continue to keep Carly and her husband in your prayers! 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I got an Award!!!

here is my Award :)

I would like to take this time to Thank Nicole at thistraindoesntstop for passing along this sweet award!

 now I will pass along the award... this is how it works!

-Thank & link back to the person who gave you this award
-Share 7 things about yourself
-Award 10 recently discovered great bloggers
-Contact these bloggers and let them know about the award, and let the giver know you accept the award.
So here are my 7 things!!!

1.I have lived in Tulsa OK, McKinney TX, Loveland OH, Jackson TN, Los Angeles CA, Nashville TN, and Charleston SC- so when people ask where I am from I never know what to say!

2.I am a mother of 3... but if you ask my husband he says we have 1 child and 2 dogs... i personally see them as one in the same :)

3.I love all things fall especially Ohio State Football

4.I am thankful to my husband for allowing me to stay home with our precious little girl... I love being a stay at home mama!

5.I used to work in the Fashion industry in LA a job I always thought was my dream job, but when I got it turns out it was more of a nightmare... celebrities and fashion = bad attitudes!

6. I love the lord with all my heart! he is my sole purpose for the breath that I breath!

7. I have a major spending addiction, which doesnt work so well when your husband is a saver and happens to work in finance :( long gone are the days of my shopaholic ways- bummer

And the AWARD goes to...


Tea Parties and Tutu's

our life with Gentry gets more fun by the day! she is a hoot and keeps my laughing.... she is obsessed with her brother and sister (the dogs) and anytime she sees them she gets a big smile on her face..she loves to "pet" lola aka pull her ears.. lola is a very tolerant big sister... tummy time with lola is her favorite activity, she "talks" to lola  like shes out for a girls night.... I just love watching this and crack up. It amazes me how this sweet little girl has managed to capture the heart of not only Phil and me, but the dogs too... All is well in the reynolds home.... here are a few pictures 

nightly tea party

having some tea with lola

mom she spilled hers

lola is in a tea coma

happy little girl
she insisted on wearing her tutu...

and eating it...

Friday, February 4, 2011

Public Service Announcement for all Moms!

I have some information to distribute to all you mom's of kiddos in diapers! let me start by telling you a story...

yesterday I went to go pick up Gentry from her nap. I picked her up and wham hot sticky poop all over my hand... I looked in her crib and low and behold all over her sheets and sheet saver-- eww eww and eww... but that wasnt the worst of it.... when I went to remove her poop outfit... she had poop in her hair, in her armpits, around her neck pretty much everywhere except her diaper.... We have only had 1 blow out in her life and it was really not that bad just a tiny one... so how does this happen? welll we used Babies R us diapers.... THEY SUCK!!! i bought them around christmas when they were having a huge sale after black friday...needless to say the deal i thought was a great deal turned out to be HORRIBLE! LESSON LEARNED!!! I WILL NEVER IN MY LIFE EVER NEVER EVER BUY BABIES R US DIAPERS! I promise to stick to huggies and pampers for as long as i live!.... As far as Gentry is concerned she got her bath and is now Clean and smelling good :)

sorry you had to hear about my day full of crap (literally) but I felt it was only necessary to inform you of my extreme dislike in Babies R us diapers...

so here it is my Public Service Announcement- Do not buy Crap babies r us diapers or you will get crapped on! :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I admit it... I'm a couponista!

This past weekend I went to Target and let me just say there were deals to be had!!!

I managed to get all this below for $26.32

there are 6 packs of stage 2 diapers (42-54count) diapers- 8.99 each
3 file folders- 1.00 each
1 large crest mouthwash- 5.04
1 pantene shampoo- 3.49
1 pantene conditioner- 3.49
1 gillette fusion shaving cream- 3.49
1 tide travel pack- .99
1 baby hoodie- 4.00
1 baby pants- 4.00

= a total of $81.44

and I got it all for $26.32

I had many many coupons and for every 3 diaper packs you bought you got a $5.00 gift card...
so I got a $10.00 gift card since i got 6

I have recently gotten into couponing alot and I am getting better and better at it! It is so fun and you really can save
a ton!

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