Thursday, February 17, 2011

I got an Award!!!

here is my Award :)

I would like to take this time to Thank Nicole at thistraindoesntstop for passing along this sweet award!

 now I will pass along the award... this is how it works!

-Thank & link back to the person who gave you this award
-Share 7 things about yourself
-Award 10 recently discovered great bloggers
-Contact these bloggers and let them know about the award, and let the giver know you accept the award.
So here are my 7 things!!!

1.I have lived in Tulsa OK, McKinney TX, Loveland OH, Jackson TN, Los Angeles CA, Nashville TN, and Charleston SC- so when people ask where I am from I never know what to say!

2.I am a mother of 3... but if you ask my husband he says we have 1 child and 2 dogs... i personally see them as one in the same :)

3.I love all things fall especially Ohio State Football

4.I am thankful to my husband for allowing me to stay home with our precious little girl... I love being a stay at home mama!

5.I used to work in the Fashion industry in LA a job I always thought was my dream job, but when I got it turns out it was more of a nightmare... celebrities and fashion = bad attitudes!

6. I love the lord with all my heart! he is my sole purpose for the breath that I breath!

7. I have a major spending addiction, which doesnt work so well when your husband is a saver and happens to work in finance :( long gone are the days of my shopaholic ways- bummer

And the AWARD goes to...



  1. Thank you so much for passing on the award to me. I'm honored and so glad you enjoy my blog.
    Thanks again!
    carolyn - homework

  2. Thank you, Courtney! Ditto on the loving to spend but married to a finance professor. He's helped me mend my ways :)