Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tea Parties and Tutu's

our life with Gentry gets more fun by the day! she is a hoot and keeps my laughing.... she is obsessed with her brother and sister (the dogs) and anytime she sees them she gets a big smile on her face..she loves to "pet" lola aka pull her ears.. lola is a very tolerant big sister... tummy time with lola is her favorite activity, she "talks" to lola  like shes out for a girls night.... I just love watching this and crack up. It amazes me how this sweet little girl has managed to capture the heart of not only Phil and me, but the dogs too... All is well in the reynolds home.... here are a few pictures 

nightly tea party

having some tea with lola

mom she spilled hers

lola is in a tea coma

happy little girl
she insisted on wearing her tutu...

and eating it...


  1. Oh Gentry, you are so cute and I love that you have "older siblings" to play with!

  2. oh, I just love that tea set and everything about Gentry's sweet face! Ahh, girls are definitely the best! So fun! Yes... MC wants to wear her tutu and come to your tea party next time! :)