Tuesday, September 28, 2010

so I have a baby...

It's hard for me to believe that 2 weeks ago today I had a precious little girl that has changed my world in so many ways... I have loved every sleepless moment filled with dirty diapers and all. 
many people are asking for all the details of Gentry's birth so here it is... 

I got a call from the dr's office bright and early on September 13th with some results from blood work I had gotten the previous week. they asked me to come into the office that day... (side note- I had mentioned to my dr the week before that I was extremely itchy so she wanted to do some blood work and if it came back elevated they would opt to induce me) so I get to the dr office and find out my blood work came back elevated revealing that I had something called Cholastasis... which basically is a pregnancy only related thing where your body doesn't break down things fast enough resulting in toxins in your liver and as a percausion they wanted to go ahead and get my little pea out. so the dr said ok I want you admitted tonight and we will induce in the morning... that was probably the most overwhelming feeling hearing those words, but either way I called my mom who began her trek down for the birth of her first grandchild... Phil and I went home gave the pups a bath went and ate our last quiet supper at jasons deli and then we were off to the hospital. the following morning they woke me up bright and early at 6am to shower and get ready.. it should come as no surprise after my 9 month long pregnancy that I began this day by puking in the shower... ewww- followed by a day of full barf bags and all... either way I continued getting ready because I was determined not to have those awful looking labor pictures...at 7am we began by breaking my water... and about 45 min later when I started feeling contractions (and they were not feeling good) I was ready for my epidural... and can I just say oh how I loved that epidural!!! by about 5pm I was dialated to 7cm and by 7pm i was still at 7cm and it was about then that they found out my IV had stopped dripping my petosin. so they had to remove my IV and it took 3 drs, 11 pokes, and an hour later to find a replacement vein... at this point I had been without petosin for 3+ hours and had stopped dialating and having contractions... they waited a bit to see if my new IV of petosin would start to kick my body back into the labor gear, but no such luck... at about 10pm the dr came in and we started talking c-section... an option I was hoping I wouldnt have to take by 11:30 I was in the Operating room getting the gut cut and at 11:51pm there she was- perfect healthy and pissed we had removed her from "her room" for the last 9 months... phil went to the nursery with her and I laid there getting stiched back up having only seen a bloody butt cheek of my child... it wasnt until an hour and a half later that I saw her- she was precious perfect and everything I had hoped she would be. I am honored the lord picked me to be this sweet little girls mom- that he heard my prayers and she was formed perfectly in my womb. she is indeed one special blessing and we are enjoying every second with her. I love watching phil with her- I know he is going to be a fantastic father and love her unconditionally. it is my prayer that the lord will empower us to be Godly parents, that can lead by example and love her as much as we possibly can, and when life throws us challenges that as a family we can stick together, pray together, and embrace our faith that the Lord will see us through those challenges. Thank you everyone for the prayers and support during this extremely special time in our lives... we appreciate you all and are thankful for the roles you play in our lives. 

so there you have it- we have a precious little girl named Gentry Emerson Reynolds- born on September 14th 2010 at 11:51pm weighing 7lbs 11oz and 19 inches long.... and she was fearfully and wonderfully made!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

wow has it really been 9 months?

I've been a bum! my blogging has taken a backseat to my nesting and preparing for Gentry... but I can officially say- we are ready, at least I think we are... I feel like I am blindly walking into the journey of parenthood, even after all the classes and books. I don't really feel like those can prepare you for what it TRULY means to be a parent, but either way I am excited and cannot wait to take on this new role in life! 

I think back to January 11th (when I first peed on the stick) and found out I was indeed pregnant.. in that moment I was scared, shocked, surprised, worried, overwhelmed, and felt so unprepared considering we were planning on waiting... but the Lord knew what he was doing and all of those feelings seemed to slowly fade and turn into joy, peace, and an overwhelming excitement for our little girl. As I wait out these last couple days I could not be more pleased and at peace with where the Lord has taken us on this long 9 month journey. I cannot wait to see my loving husband turn into the father he was born to be. I am thrilled that phil and I have been given the opportunity to begin our own legacy by bringing Gentry into the world. this is something I am honored to do!!! I am not gonna lie I am still a little nervous about the birthing process in itself, but I cannot wait to see the precious little face of the one the Lord has been forming inside of me these last 9 months... Gentry Come on out -- we are alll waiting and ready to meet you!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

what do you do when you are awake at 4am...

well its no surprise that this season of my life is revolving around a tiny little baby being formed inside me. the more I ponder this thought the more I am amazed, and I am sure that within the coming weeks the amazement I feel now will be joined by pure blessing and joy in the marvel at what my God can do. I feel like everywhere I go, I am greeted with stares and confused faces... just to clear things up man sitting on the bench staring at me like I have a 5th appendage coming out of my mid section... I AM PREGNANT.. I guess people have a hard time understanding this phenomenon, and I guess I could understand this if you do not realize the true divine uniqueness of the Lord. Pregnancy is in itself is a crazy thing, but man oh man it really helps inforce how big my God is... I mean you have a baby that soon turns into a toddler, followed by a child, then the awkwardness of a teenager, into a growing adult, an excited parent, and finally a wise grandparent...whoa...reflect on that! I can't help but notice that everywhere I go whether its sitting in a movie theater or waiting in line in a grocery store, that the 16 year old trying to decide on a candy bar in line in front of me, was once that of a 7lb little baby... WOW... just think about that... its crazy how fast the life cycle takes place and we find that the 7lb baby is no longer a baby... with this being said I cannot wait to meet this little bucking bronco that has put me thru the ringer with the morning sickness, sore back, uncomfortableness, sleepless nights, and around the clock bathroom breaks. I also know this much that when she does get here I will cherish every second and day with her because we all know they grow so fast, this is not a bad thing but I can only imagine that it will just put into reality once again that God truly is Amazing and when he designed us in our wombs, he did so with a vision of purpose,hope, and love for our future! I cannot wait to see what his vision is for Gentry- she has no idea how loved she already is not just by me and the rest of her family, but by all the people that have been consistently praying over her and that will continue to pray for her as she grows to be someday that of a parent herself. 

Miss Gentry Emerson Reynolds- we love you and we can't wait to see your sweet face, NOW GET YOUR BUTT OUTTA THERE :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Mommy must have's of the Moment... according to me!

Mommy must have's of the Moment... according to me! :)

I love these little booties...

and what little girl doesn't need these shoes... haha I love them!

these bottles are supposed to be FABULOUS!!!

and how adorable is this little hat.... Gentry will for sure own one of these!!!

and of course she will need her very own first pair of heels...

these are great blankets and super soft


this coat will be a must have come christmas time..

and she will need this coat too...

and these matching shoes are a must!

I love all clothes mudpie... they are certainly the cutest around...

that does it for now... we are currently in the process of working on the babies room, more scoop to come.. 10.5 weeks to go and I cannot wait till she gets here!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Nighmare on isle two, three, four, five,six,ect.ect.....

oh my goodness... we went to Babies R Us to register for our sweet little girl and much to my surprise even with all my baby knowledge I WAS OVERWHELMED and felt as though i was in a foreign country... it was a mess! they hand you a scanner and wala your on your own... EXCUSE ME WHAT? yep on your own... I found baby registering to be much different then wedding registering.. i mean you should be able to know what kinda plates, pots and pans, and towels you want but choosing a breastpump when there are close to 28 options is near impossible.. especially for someone who knows nothing about a dang breastpump... and then we go to the bottle isle where there are near 90 options-how the hell are there 90 freakin options for a bottle? good grief and they are basically all the same, providing the same end result a well fed baby! wow oh wow! i had to take many time outs and my poor husband had no clue what he was getting himself into, it was comical! he didn't understand a single thing we were registering for ahhhhhhh... its all too much! and our registering should have been easy considering all our big ticket items we already have like the car seat, stroller, base, diaper bag, bedroom furniture, mattress, AND not to forget Gentry's first baby doll....but still the task of registering came across as IMPOSSIBLE! i still have no clue what we clicked and if it will even be needed in my future of motherhood, I guess time will tell... I still don't understand why they don't send you off with a Babies R us consultant to help you out like they do when you register with bed bath and beyond... I have chosen NEVER TO REGISTER WITH TARGET again after our wedding registry nightmare, in fact i even sent the corporate office of Target a letter telling them this much, so I will be holding true to this! I am considering also registering at pottery barn kiddos, but who knows that's more for bedding all of which we will be making ourselves( not literally, but taking the fabric to a nice little lady to go crazy on with her mad sewing skills) does anyone have any other suggestions of places to register? I have always been told give 2 options... I was thinking the second option could be a getaway for Phil and myself considering we need a vacation after our stressful attempt of baby registry, but that might be a tad bit tacky... and I AM NOT TACKY! welp there you have it baby registry= one big nightmare- how the heck to people do it and know what to get for their 1st pregnancy? cause i came off as one clueless mama, and I am sure so did my registry by the looks of it... opps- help needed and appreciated if you have any insight!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Apple juice, Watermelon, and Mashed Potatoes...

I know I know I have been a horrible horrible blogger lately... well I am now back in action! life has been a little hectic, but none the less still fantastic! summer is upon us which means cookouts, friends, HEAT (yuck), and trips... Next week we travel down to Orlando for Phil's family's annual Disney trip. I am interested to see what this preggo will be able to do, seeing as how rides are no option, lets just pray for some cooler weather so I dont melt away. Our Niece Eliza will be celebrating her birthday while down there so we get to have breakfast with all the princesses! 2 weeks past that we will be hoping in the car to head to Nashville TN for my moms WEDDING, YAHOOOO.... then shortly after that on July 2nd--- I RETIRE! this is probably my most anticipated event.... goodbye working days hello life of the stay at home mama!! I cannot wait and hopefully my stay at home friend gets back to Charleston in time for our many hang outs and outings! as we get closer and closer to Gentry Emerson's arrival things are starting to come together. we got all her bedroom furniture this weekend. I can hardly believe she will be here in about 3 months... as I look back on this pregnancy it seems to have flown by, however I recall in the 1st and half of the second trimester as I was still puking my guts out that sure didnt seem like it was the case. either way I am ready to get her out! she still insists on keeping her head in my left rib cage- this is growing less and less comfortable, especially when she decides to move it around. She is going to be a pistol thats for sure! We pray that she will be healthy, and that if  not that the Lord gives us strength to lean on him and trust in the things we do not understand. I cannot wait to meet her, see her sweet little face, tiny little hands, and cute little piggies.to watch her grow up to be the precious little girl that God has created her to be. As I think about this journey we are about to embark on I see so much good and I am in constant prayer that the Lord will empower us to be loving, nurturing and encouraging parents, that will not only lead by example, but en-stile values and a relationship with the Lord in our little one and hopefully soon after that little one's ...The realization that I am soon to be a mom is finally starting to sink in-- although I have considered myself a mom for the past 3 years to my 2 four legged babies, but Phil disagrees, constantly reminding me they are DOGS not KIDS... I personally see them as one in the same ;) 
We have yet to register-- I am just clueless as to what to register for, I mean when you register for your wedding you know your stuff- but baby registering is FOREIGN to me-- does anyone have any tips??? they will be gladly accepted!!!
 my recent cravings have been apple juice, watermelon and mashed potatoes ... not all together- yuck! but definitely separate... I cannot get enough of them! our next Dr appointment is tomorrow so more scoop to come on little miss Gentry then! :) 

Love you all, thanks for the continued thoughts and prayers- we appreciate them!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ultrasound Take 2

After 3 long weeks of waiting to find out what exactly is in Courtney's belly, the day was here. Yesterday that is. Monday May 3. I arrived at the doctor's office at exactly 2:30, our appointment time. But to my surprise, Courtney was already in the Ultrasound room, gel on our stomach with a tv screen showing pictures our new baby. I thought I missed it, but they assured me they had just begun. So we watched the screen as we saw different angles and views of the baby. As I was expecting a boy and Courtney expecting a girl, we each saw what we thought  were boy and girl parts, but there was still no answer yet. So after several minutes of looking, the ultrasound lady stopped and asked Courtney to take a bathroom break and do some stretching. This baby was not cooperating in revealing itself. So a few minutes later, Courtney returned, hooked back up to the equipment and we begun again. We were so excited, anticipating our baby's sex. After several more different views and angels the ultrasound lady stopped again. Wanting us to take a brisk 5 minute walk outside to get this baby moved around a little bit. I responded to Courtney that we may have to wait another 3 weeks. She replied, "No, I'm going to found out today whats been inside me for the past 20 weeks". So we took a fast walk around the building twice, then taking the stairs back up to the ultrasound room. Courtney lied down again, got gelled up, and we were off again. Still we were having trouble determining what it was. So the ultrasound lady told Courtney to lie on her side. Switching sides continuously. Then finally we had an answer. Not that we could really tell, but the Ultrasound lady could. She paused. Looked at us slowly. And slowly from her lips uttered, "It's a girl!". We were happy and relieved. The news was out after so much anticipation. There you have it. We're expecting a girl. We couldn't be happier.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Can we please rewind???

I had a fantastic weekend full of cookouts, picnics, fun times with amazing friends, strawberry picking, time with my husband and a nice long relaxing prenatal massage at the mom spa with a hole cut out for my belly and everything.... it was needed! I also had a mini midlife crisis, as i found my very first gray hair on my head the day before i turned 28... OH NO MY LIFE IS COMING TO AN END... ok maybe not but i mean, who gets gray hair at 28??? I can only think that within this next year with a baby on the way there will be more gray hairs to come. Nothing like a gray hair to make you feel like you are one step closer to that grave then you thought... I know I am being a bit dramatic but IT WAS REALLY REALLY GRAY... ahhhhhh! my mom just started getting her first gray hairs and she is 53- something is WRONG with this picture! Anyways I now have one more  year under my belt and I am anxious for this next year full of life changes as we move one step forward to building our family together. I can only hope that grace comes with age in my case :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The way you make me feeeeeeeeeeeeeell...

ok so I can't deny that Pregnancy makes you feel oh so lovely... if the first trimester full of puking and nausea wasn't enough we have now graduated to big bellyville... yes that's right I officially feel HUGE!  kinda like a hippo or a wildebeest or a large oger... all of which i find highly unattractive! its clear that others around you notice this too with the stares you get, people look at you like you're an alien or at least carrying one...don't get me wrong I certainly do not think my child is an alien, but you have to admit its still crazy to me to think there is a little human forming inside of me..God certainly has a sense of humor, because something that brings such joy in life has a lovely way of making you feel like at any moment your chair might break from your large growing belly...  I can't help but laugh daily at the new things you find out about pregnancy that THEY DON'T TELL YOU IN THE BOOKS!!! what good are those books anyways? my child is sure gonna be a handlful I can already promise you that, but either way I will take that sweet little handful and love it unconditionally and buckle up for the fun and full of laughter ride that we are about to embark on! I cannot wait to know my child and to see its sweet little face! the baby and I have already been having conversations on spit up... it should know by now if it needs to spit up- do it on dad! we will soon see if this memo has come thru clear come september... and did i mention i am ready to know what this baby is??? boy or girl we will love it the same! however I am a little partial to Team Girl ;) Our names have been picked out since my first pee on a stick!

Boy- Stetson Monroe Reynolds
Girl- Gentry Emerson Reynolds

I am just ready to know what exactly i will be calliing "IT" so I can stop reffering to IT as a IT...hurray up May 3rd- we cannot wait to see you!!! :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Father's Gloom

We were so excited to go to the doctor on Monday. It was our day to finally find out the gender of our baby that we've now been enjoying in Courtney's womb for the past 17 weeks. We took off work early for our 2:50 appointment. I met Courtney at the doctor's office with a big smile. I just knew it was a boy, while Courtney using every prediction around including the Chinese calendar just knew it was a girl. They called our name and we slowly walked to the little room where we waited excitedly and impatiently for almost an hour. Finally the Doctor entered the room. We were so excited! She performed her routine procedures and checked the baby's heart rate. Everything sounded good. Then finally came the best part - the ultrasound! We looked at the doctor and said, "Ok we're ready to find out the Good News - a boy or a girl. We watched the doctor's lips answer slowly, "The ultrasound technician is slammed. It'll be another 3 weeks until we can get ya'll in" We couldn't believe what we heard. All our excitement and anticipation came to a halt. We checked out and left the doctor's office with such gloom and depression. Courtney was in tears. I was doing everything I could to comfort her...So that's where we're at. We'll let you know as we sssslllllllooooooowlllyyy count down the next 3 weeks. See u soon.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hello!!! We have officially become bloggers :)

We are completely enjoying married life and are happy to celebrate 9 wonderful months so far. Our life is full of fun, laughter, and lots of time together! its great to do life with your best friend, thats for sure! we are happy to say that we have a sweet little baby coming our way in September. We are anxious to be parents fully devoted to laying a foundation of faith in our child. We already feel so blessed that the Lord is going to entrust us with such a wonderful blessing! we are counting down the seconds until May 3rd when we find out what exactly is in that tummy of mine! Thank you for being our friends, family and support through this wonderful life journey we are beginning... we cannot wait to include you in it every step of the way!!!