Tuesday, September 28, 2010

so I have a baby...

It's hard for me to believe that 2 weeks ago today I had a precious little girl that has changed my world in so many ways... I have loved every sleepless moment filled with dirty diapers and all. 
many people are asking for all the details of Gentry's birth so here it is... 

I got a call from the dr's office bright and early on September 13th with some results from blood work I had gotten the previous week. they asked me to come into the office that day... (side note- I had mentioned to my dr the week before that I was extremely itchy so she wanted to do some blood work and if it came back elevated they would opt to induce me) so I get to the dr office and find out my blood work came back elevated revealing that I had something called Cholastasis... which basically is a pregnancy only related thing where your body doesn't break down things fast enough resulting in toxins in your liver and as a percausion they wanted to go ahead and get my little pea out. so the dr said ok I want you admitted tonight and we will induce in the morning... that was probably the most overwhelming feeling hearing those words, but either way I called my mom who began her trek down for the birth of her first grandchild... Phil and I went home gave the pups a bath went and ate our last quiet supper at jasons deli and then we were off to the hospital. the following morning they woke me up bright and early at 6am to shower and get ready.. it should come as no surprise after my 9 month long pregnancy that I began this day by puking in the shower... ewww- followed by a day of full barf bags and all... either way I continued getting ready because I was determined not to have those awful looking labor pictures...at 7am we began by breaking my water... and about 45 min later when I started feeling contractions (and they were not feeling good) I was ready for my epidural... and can I just say oh how I loved that epidural!!! by about 5pm I was dialated to 7cm and by 7pm i was still at 7cm and it was about then that they found out my IV had stopped dripping my petosin. so they had to remove my IV and it took 3 drs, 11 pokes, and an hour later to find a replacement vein... at this point I had been without petosin for 3+ hours and had stopped dialating and having contractions... they waited a bit to see if my new IV of petosin would start to kick my body back into the labor gear, but no such luck... at about 10pm the dr came in and we started talking c-section... an option I was hoping I wouldnt have to take by 11:30 I was in the Operating room getting the gut cut and at 11:51pm there she was- perfect healthy and pissed we had removed her from "her room" for the last 9 months... phil went to the nursery with her and I laid there getting stiched back up having only seen a bloody butt cheek of my child... it wasnt until an hour and a half later that I saw her- she was precious perfect and everything I had hoped she would be. I am honored the lord picked me to be this sweet little girls mom- that he heard my prayers and she was formed perfectly in my womb. she is indeed one special blessing and we are enjoying every second with her. I love watching phil with her- I know he is going to be a fantastic father and love her unconditionally. it is my prayer that the lord will empower us to be Godly parents, that can lead by example and love her as much as we possibly can, and when life throws us challenges that as a family we can stick together, pray together, and embrace our faith that the Lord will see us through those challenges. Thank you everyone for the prayers and support during this extremely special time in our lives... we appreciate you all and are thankful for the roles you play in our lives. 

so there you have it- we have a precious little girl named Gentry Emerson Reynolds- born on September 14th 2010 at 11:51pm weighing 7lbs 11oz and 19 inches long.... and she was fearfully and wonderfully made!!!

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