Thursday, August 12, 2010

what do you do when you are awake at 4am...

well its no surprise that this season of my life is revolving around a tiny little baby being formed inside me. the more I ponder this thought the more I am amazed, and I am sure that within the coming weeks the amazement I feel now will be joined by pure blessing and joy in the marvel at what my God can do. I feel like everywhere I go, I am greeted with stares and confused faces... just to clear things up man sitting on the bench staring at me like I have a 5th appendage coming out of my mid section... I AM PREGNANT.. I guess people have a hard time understanding this phenomenon, and I guess I could understand this if you do not realize the true divine uniqueness of the Lord. Pregnancy is in itself is a crazy thing, but man oh man it really helps inforce how big my God is... I mean you have a baby that soon turns into a toddler, followed by a child, then the awkwardness of a teenager, into a growing adult, an excited parent, and finally a wise grandparent...whoa...reflect on that! I can't help but notice that everywhere I go whether its sitting in a movie theater or waiting in line in a grocery store, that the 16 year old trying to decide on a candy bar in line in front of me, was once that of a 7lb little baby... WOW... just think about that... its crazy how fast the life cycle takes place and we find that the 7lb baby is no longer a baby... with this being said I cannot wait to meet this little bucking bronco that has put me thru the ringer with the morning sickness, sore back, uncomfortableness, sleepless nights, and around the clock bathroom breaks. I also know this much that when she does get here I will cherish every second and day with her because we all know they grow so fast, this is not a bad thing but I can only imagine that it will just put into reality once again that God truly is Amazing and when he designed us in our wombs, he did so with a vision of purpose,hope, and love for our future! I cannot wait to see what his vision is for Gentry- she has no idea how loved she already is not just by me and the rest of her family, but by all the people that have been consistently praying over her and that will continue to pray for her as she grows to be someday that of a parent herself. 

Miss Gentry Emerson Reynolds- we love you and we can't wait to see your sweet face, NOW GET YOUR BUTT OUTTA THERE :)