Friday, March 18, 2011

My oh My, this life has changed

I recall a time in my life in which I never left the house unless my hair was curled, full face of makeup, and dressed to the 9's from head to toe... now I am lucky if I can get outta the house without drool or evidence of Gentry's lunch on my blouse. I mean don't get me wrong I still present myself in a reasonable matter, but it has definitely changed...

the timeline of my life seems to blend together and currently it is hard to remember the life I once lived without Gentry in it.... it all seems to fade into the reality that I am a mom to a precious little girl and I could not be happier to call this my life! so with that being said a timeline is just that... small pieces of history that brought you to what is now your reality. I am loving my reality that is full of slobbery kisses, drool, sweet potatoes, and dirty diapers. The lord has brought me full circle in my 27(or is it 28?) years of life... the evidence of my past and the person it has made me will soon be passed on to my sweet legacy, and I hope that she will come to see the beauty of what the Lord can and will do with her life! I cannot wait to see her get out there and start living her life  putting precious memories on a mental timeline to someday pass on to the children she will raise. To say I am blessed is an understatement, I am in awe of what the Lord has given me and I am amazed that with each new day he blesses me to a whole new level! Motherhood is something that will change you that is for sure.... it will make you realize how much the Lord truly does love you when he gives you the precious gift of life and says " raise this one so that she may know me". I cannot wait for Gentry to know him, to love him and to live each day of her life for him.... Thank you Lord for this precious life you have entrusted to me, I am forever grateful and honored that you thought so highly of me to make me this sweet little girls mom that will soon lead her to you.

Friday, March 11, 2011

A new Chapter

After much prayer and talks of starting our own Small Group, we are finally doing it!!! I feel that this season of life will bring not only Growth for my husband and I,but new challenges. We are excited to see the Lord work in our lives and the lives of the people in our group. this week I have taken each day and devoted it to praying over the family of each couple, and it has really given me insight and a deeper love for each of them! I pray that the Lord will use each person in this group and that we can embrace one another, being an encouragement, and group that speaks life into our families! this weekend we will be kicking off with a Group Social Cookout at our house... I foresee much fun in our future!!! :)