Wednesday, September 8, 2010

wow has it really been 9 months?

I've been a bum! my blogging has taken a backseat to my nesting and preparing for Gentry... but I can officially say- we are ready, at least I think we are... I feel like I am blindly walking into the journey of parenthood, even after all the classes and books. I don't really feel like those can prepare you for what it TRULY means to be a parent, but either way I am excited and cannot wait to take on this new role in life! 

I think back to January 11th (when I first peed on the stick) and found out I was indeed pregnant.. in that moment I was scared, shocked, surprised, worried, overwhelmed, and felt so unprepared considering we were planning on waiting... but the Lord knew what he was doing and all of those feelings seemed to slowly fade and turn into joy, peace, and an overwhelming excitement for our little girl. As I wait out these last couple days I could not be more pleased and at peace with where the Lord has taken us on this long 9 month journey. I cannot wait to see my loving husband turn into the father he was born to be. I am thrilled that phil and I have been given the opportunity to begin our own legacy by bringing Gentry into the world. this is something I am honored to do!!! I am not gonna lie I am still a little nervous about the birthing process in itself, but I cannot wait to see the precious little face of the one the Lord has been forming inside of me these last 9 months... Gentry Come on out -- we are alll waiting and ready to meet you!!!

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