Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Father's Gloom

We were so excited to go to the doctor on Monday. It was our day to finally find out the gender of our baby that we've now been enjoying in Courtney's womb for the past 17 weeks. We took off work early for our 2:50 appointment. I met Courtney at the doctor's office with a big smile. I just knew it was a boy, while Courtney using every prediction around including the Chinese calendar just knew it was a girl. They called our name and we slowly walked to the little room where we waited excitedly and impatiently for almost an hour. Finally the Doctor entered the room. We were so excited! She performed her routine procedures and checked the baby's heart rate. Everything sounded good. Then finally came the best part - the ultrasound! We looked at the doctor and said, "Ok we're ready to find out the Good News - a boy or a girl. We watched the doctor's lips answer slowly, "The ultrasound technician is slammed. It'll be another 3 weeks until we can get ya'll in" We couldn't believe what we heard. All our excitement and anticipation came to a halt. We checked out and left the doctor's office with such gloom and depression. Courtney was in tears. I was doing everything I could to comfort her...So that's where we're at. We'll let you know as we sssslllllllooooooowlllyyy count down the next 3 weeks. See u soon.


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