Monday, April 19, 2010

Can we please rewind???

I had a fantastic weekend full of cookouts, picnics, fun times with amazing friends, strawberry picking, time with my husband and a nice long relaxing prenatal massage at the mom spa with a hole cut out for my belly and everything.... it was needed! I also had a mini midlife crisis, as i found my very first gray hair on my head the day before i turned 28... OH NO MY LIFE IS COMING TO AN END... ok maybe not but i mean, who gets gray hair at 28??? I can only think that within this next year with a baby on the way there will be more gray hairs to come. Nothing like a gray hair to make you feel like you are one step closer to that grave then you thought... I know I am being a bit dramatic but IT WAS REALLY REALLY GRAY... ahhhhhh! my mom just started getting her first gray hairs and she is 53- something is WRONG with this picture! Anyways I now have one more  year under my belt and I am anxious for this next year full of life changes as we move one step forward to building our family together. I can only hope that grace comes with age in my case :)

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