Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ultrasound Take 2

After 3 long weeks of waiting to find out what exactly is in Courtney's belly, the day was here. Yesterday that is. Monday May 3. I arrived at the doctor's office at exactly 2:30, our appointment time. But to my surprise, Courtney was already in the Ultrasound room, gel on our stomach with a tv screen showing pictures our new baby. I thought I missed it, but they assured me they had just begun. So we watched the screen as we saw different angles and views of the baby. As I was expecting a boy and Courtney expecting a girl, we each saw what we thought  were boy and girl parts, but there was still no answer yet. So after several minutes of looking, the ultrasound lady stopped and asked Courtney to take a bathroom break and do some stretching. This baby was not cooperating in revealing itself. So a few minutes later, Courtney returned, hooked back up to the equipment and we begun again. We were so excited, anticipating our baby's sex. After several more different views and angels the ultrasound lady stopped again. Wanting us to take a brisk 5 minute walk outside to get this baby moved around a little bit. I responded to Courtney that we may have to wait another 3 weeks. She replied, "No, I'm going to found out today whats been inside me for the past 20 weeks". So we took a fast walk around the building twice, then taking the stairs back up to the ultrasound room. Courtney lied down again, got gelled up, and we were off again. Still we were having trouble determining what it was. So the ultrasound lady told Courtney to lie on her side. Switching sides continuously. Then finally we had an answer. Not that we could really tell, but the Ultrasound lady could. She paused. Looked at us slowly. And slowly from her lips uttered, "It's a girl!". We were happy and relieved. The news was out after so much anticipation. There you have it. We're expecting a girl. We couldn't be happier.


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