Thursday, June 3, 2010

Nighmare on isle two, three, four, five,six,ect.ect.....

oh my goodness... we went to Babies R Us to register for our sweet little girl and much to my surprise even with all my baby knowledge I WAS OVERWHELMED and felt as though i was in a foreign country... it was a mess! they hand you a scanner and wala your on your own... EXCUSE ME WHAT? yep on your own... I found baby registering to be much different then wedding registering.. i mean you should be able to know what kinda plates, pots and pans, and towels you want but choosing a breastpump when there are close to 28 options is near impossible.. especially for someone who knows nothing about a dang breastpump... and then we go to the bottle isle where there are near 90 options-how the hell are there 90 freakin options for a bottle? good grief and they are basically all the same, providing the same end result a well fed baby! wow oh wow! i had to take many time outs and my poor husband had no clue what he was getting himself into, it was comical! he didn't understand a single thing we were registering for ahhhhhhh... its all too much! and our registering should have been easy considering all our big ticket items we already have like the car seat, stroller, base, diaper bag, bedroom furniture, mattress, AND not to forget Gentry's first baby doll....but still the task of registering came across as IMPOSSIBLE! i still have no clue what we clicked and if it will even be needed in my future of motherhood, I guess time will tell... I still don't understand why they don't send you off with a Babies R us consultant to help you out like they do when you register with bed bath and beyond... I have chosen NEVER TO REGISTER WITH TARGET again after our wedding registry nightmare, in fact i even sent the corporate office of Target a letter telling them this much, so I will be holding true to this! I am considering also registering at pottery barn kiddos, but who knows that's more for bedding all of which we will be making ourselves( not literally, but taking the fabric to a nice little lady to go crazy on with her mad sewing skills) does anyone have any other suggestions of places to register? I have always been told give 2 options... I was thinking the second option could be a getaway for Phil and myself considering we need a vacation after our stressful attempt of baby registry, but that might be a tad bit tacky... and I AM NOT TACKY! welp there you have it baby registry= one big nightmare- how the heck to people do it and know what to get for their 1st pregnancy? cause i came off as one clueless mama, and I am sure so did my registry by the looks of it... opps- help needed and appreciated if you have any insight!


  1. Get a humidifier, and some saline nose drops, tylenol (generic brand due to all of the recalls) mylicon drops (for gas) and some ibuprofen.

  2. oh and a pack and play and the apporpriate accessories such as sheets for the pack and play. Otherwise you will get plenty of clothes, bibs, pacifiers, blankets etc. After you have gentry you will be a pro at knowing for the 2nd baby. I know it's overwhelming, but it will all come together just fine.