Thursday, December 20, 2012

Day 9 of 12 days of Kindness

Today we decided to tackle the mall. lets be honest, working retail is a hard job, but when you throw Christmas into the mix it is even harder! So today I wanted to bless some hard working mall employees... Since I have started the 12 days of kindness I have had others say they wanted to get involved and help, so today I assembled a team of 8 of us (all girls) and we attacked that mall with smiles, tutus and holiday cheer. we passed out flowers with specail notes of thankfulness to workers of Victoria Secret, Bath and Body works, Kiosk Booths and more! For santa and his helpers we even had something special we prepared, cold drinks and treats :) It was a happy sight to see smiles form on faces of stress and exhaustion as we passed out Joy to people who often deal with grumpy irritated customers. I even saw some tears too, in one case specifically a elf in santas area started crying when we gave her something, and told us how today was a hard day and how much she needed this. her mom had passed away a year ago on this day and her husband was currently in the hospital for internal bleeding. She Cried and thanked us repeatedly ( and if you know me I cried too). I am happy that we could Love on her and many others...after we spread some love around the mall we all decided to grab some lunch... My sweet friend Mariah even blessed me with some kindness of her own by buying my lunch :) to which I was ever so thankful and encouraged by. today was a good day GREAT day. I am happy people have been encouraged to participate in this tradition and I am even more happy that I could sit back and watch them experience joy themselves by blessing others too :)

What I learned today:
I AM A SYMPATHY CRIER.. If you cry, I will join you. I don't even need to know what you are crying about, it doesn't matter I will choose to participate, thats just how I am :) a VS worker started to tear up, I joined her... as I stood back behind a counter watching my little group of kindness ambassadors waiting to bless santa and his workers, I teared up some more, and when I heard about that sweet lady I LOST IT! I pulled myself back together for a short lunch break and then when we got in the car to head home, I cried some more, and as I am sitting here typing this I am still crying. I can't begin to tell you how this 12 days of kindness has changed my heart for spreading kindness and loving on people. If we can help make each day a little brighter for people, if we can help them feel a little less lonely, and if we can help them feel needed and appreciated, this my friends is exactly Why my family is doing this! I can definately see where it has changed Gentry too... today I would hand her something and she would immediately try to give it away. I am happy this is not only affecting my heart but hers too. She is truly learning what it is to give to others, whether its, flowers, cold drinks, cookies, or hugs, she gets it!
Today I am even more encouraged then I was yesterday by the ripple effect of kindness going on here :) and I am blessed to have great friends who are eager to join this movement as well! Mariah and Ashley, Thank you! thank you for not only your friendship, but your kind and tender hearts that have a desire to help bless others!

ready to go!

flowers and hugs to VS's hard workers

Gentry and Sierra ready to pass our cold drinks and treats
Gracelynn Lee blessing a shopper
Teilea Rayne and Gracelynn Lee waiting to bless Santa and friends
this is the lady I was telling you about :)
Teilea Rayne and Gracelynn Lee Loving on Nathan

about to light up santa and his workers with some goodies... look at the joy on those faces :) I am so Proud!!


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  1. It has taught my heart so much too reading and then getting to participate today with you all. Such a treat and what a great way to start teaching our kids what is really important. Love ya friend