Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day 5 of 12 days of kindness

in light of the tragedy that happened on Friday, today we decided to bless our "teachers" at church. Gentry was excited to bring them goodies and even helped herself to eating one on the way in (oops). We love our teachers at church and she always lights up when she see's Mr bill who always greets her with a big ole bear hug and I love that! its great to have people like that who genuinely love your kids fully and he certainly does that. as you know our "teachers" at church don't get paid for what they do... its all volunteer. they bless our family on a weekly basis and we are grateful they are fully invested in helping to disciple and mold our children with us :)

what I learned today: We are blessed everyday by someone and we don't even realize it. I am starting to be more aware of people I come in contact with on a daily basis and how they add to the blessings in my life, some simply by a smile they add to my day, others by great friendships and love for my children. regardless how big or how small they bless my life and I am thankful :)


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