Friday, December 21, 2012

Day 10 of 12 days of kindness

Today I decided 2 of my workin friends needed some lovin :) so Gentry and I made some peanut butter cookies and we dropped them off at their work for them. One has been saying how much she wanted to do some blessing of her own and knowing shes a busy, caring lady, I made her an extra goodie bag to pass on to someone of her own so she could get in on the action of blessing someone! My other friend is a working mom and just went back to work after having her little one about a month ago. she is amazing! and I love her dearly and I am so proud of her for the long days and nights and everything she does to make sure her hubby and little girl are taken care of. I know getting back in the grove of work has been a challenge and I thought she just needed a little note of encouragement and to let her know how awesome I think she is :)

What I learned today:
your friends need some lovin too, especially friends that do so much for everyone else as both of these girls! I get it, life is busy and this is all the more reason to show your friends some kindness and encouragement, just think how much brighter everyones day would be if they knew how much you thought of them! it doesn't take much, heck you can even send an email and I am sure it will brighten there day just as much! Love your friends and show them what they mean to you :)


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