Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 7 of 12 days of Kindness

Today I had something differnt planned but I saw the UPS guys pull up so instead we loved on our UPS guys! I was so upset they came during naptime cause they usually come as soon as Gentry gets up :( but either way we still got to bless them with some Cold Drinks and a cherry candy cane... I saw them park in front of my house to disperse their package drop offs around us so I ran outside to hand them some goodies and tell them just how much we appreciate them! They were thrilled and said "thank you so much, we are really behind today and didn't have time to grab lunch so this is perfect" ... today must have been extra busy because usually we only have 1 UPS guy and today there was 2 so I had to think fast since I only had prepared for 1...so I quickly pulled together another water and candy cane!

What I learned today:
a candy cane and water is a fabulous lunch and I am not the only one that thinks that ;) haha ok, but all kidding aside, even if you aren't prepared with a over the top plan you can still bless someone on a whim :) kindness doesn't have to have preparation, it can certainly be done without it! so time and busyness is no longer an excuse! I pulled this one off in a matter of 30 seconds and I am glad I did, these guys work way too hard not to have a lunch, even if it is only a candy cane ;)

I snapped this photo of them enjoying their treats and a short little break ;)

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