Tuesday, May 7, 2013

MAY we be... steps of Joy and Gratitude!!!

today is a day of JOY and Gratitude!!!!!!

For those of you that know Greyleigh's story you will know why, but for those of you that do not I will offer a recap.

When I was pregnant with Greyleigh and we went in for our BIG ultrasound we had some issues, the Dr's we unable to get a visual of Greyleigh's spine and believed she might be missing half of it. I was then sent to a specialist(a week later),and  they too couldn't provide answers and I was then scheduled for a heavy duty ultrasound examination however the 1st available was 2 weeks away... for a mom that is worried thats a really really long time. We didn't tell many people simply because I didn't want to vocalize it and give Satan authority over my joy for this child, but I can tell you there was a huge battle going on in my mind. would Greyleigh ever walk? what would this mean for my childs future? and many other things were constantly running through my mind. It was a long waiting period full of many tears and it had me on my knees a lot! thankfully the day of the big ultrasound I got up prayed got myself ready and headed to my appointment. I had a huge overwhelming amount of peace come over me once I got to my appointment and when they hooked me all up to the machine the first thing we saw was a BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECTLY FORMED SPINE! praise the Lord!

I know what you are thinking, why is she telling us this; well I tell you this because today I experienced something that I once thought wasn't going to be possible, but thankfully God knew it was possible!


I cannot tell you the Joy this brought to my day! who knew the sight of your child walking could make you cry? who knew it could make you jump for Joy and laugh? who knew it could make you so grateful? well I can now tell you, I DO! I know cause thats exactly what it did to me :)

 I am overwhelmed and humbled by these small moments in Greyleighs life... but more then anything I feel pure Joy and Gratitude! Thank you Lord for showing me how BIG you are in my moments of weakness. thank you for loving us through our season of waiting, thank you for putting people in our life to encourage us through that time, Thank you for teaching me to trust you in ALL things, Thank you for bringing this precious child into our life, and thank you so much for the Joy you have placed in her heart! she radiates your love with every smile and giggle and I know that Greyleigh is even more important to you then she is to me! I know that she will be someone you will use to love others, encourage others, and teach others all about you! She was indeed formed by Your hands, dreamed up in Your heart and  placed in this world for purposes I cannot wait to witness!

so today in these moments I am thankful for many things, but more importantly I am thankful for the Joy of this child!

MAY we be Grateful and full of JOY

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