Friday, May 3, 2013

MAY we be.... Grateful for friends!

today our focus is Grateful!

I have been busy busy lately and I feel like every second of my potential "me time" is full. so when my friend Becca called me yesterday and asked if she could watch my kiddos today I was so grateful!!! I was able to go eat lunch with my friend Stephanie with no mouths to feed but my own :) wow, who knew eating lunch could be so enjoyable when you aren't busy cutting things up into small bites and you can actually enjoy a CONVERSATION!! I had a terrific time with Stephanie and really enjoyed talking and spending time with her since it isn't something we get to do too often. Stephanie is a working mom, and can I just say she is awesome! I am so proud of her and I try to remind her of that every chance I can, because lets face it, being a mom is a hard enough task, but when you throw a whole separate job into the mix that makes it much harder! Needless to say she is doing great at both and I love her and I am so proud of her! She is a huge blessing to me and I love spending time with her whenever I can! She totally defines the word "classy" to me and handles life and everything else thrown at her with a level of love that is bound to encourage anyone! She is one of those friends that always goes out of her way to Hug you and bless you with her sweet smile. and both her hugs and her smile are the best out there! shes fabulous and I loved my time with her today :)

Becca has really been a great friend to me, and I have really loved getting to know her! In the small time we have known each other I feel our friendship has taken great strides and I love it! She is one of my first calls when I need advice, and someone who always makes me laugh (bleh) ;). If I am with Becca I can always count on the fact that I will have a GREAT time! I feel like every time we are together we find out more similarities, I am kinda shocked at how alike we are... must be why I love her so much ;).  this friendship was definitely put in my life to challenge me and encourage me! she is one of the most authentic people around! Becca is someone I would call a natural leader, I can already see her years from now leading young moms to Love the Lord and raise Godly kids! she is pretty amazing, and I am really grateful for her! she is one of those friends that you can always count on to lift you up when you need it. In fact I remember a day I was having when my 2 year old turned into a monster. She was having meltdown, after meltdown, after meltdown, and I was so worn out and feeling extremely defeated... Becca called to ask about something and in the midst of it gave me a pep talk, encouraged me, and assured me that, yes today might be challenging, but I am doing a great job! that was just what I needed to hear that day. it is friends like this that help make the hard days do able! I am so thankful for her. She is a beautiful person inside and out and I am positive we have many years of being great friends in our future. I always admire her and I love her even more.. she is a huge blessing to me and I am so grateful for her influence in my life :) she is pretty fantastic. I mean what friend calls to ASK you if she can watch your kid so you can have some time to yourself? not many... thank you Becca for being such a great friend to me! you are one of my favorite friends and I am so grateful for your friendship and encouragement in my life! you have made my life more enjoyable with your laugh, sound effects ;) and sense of humor and I love you oodles!!!Thank you so much for giving me some time to enjoy Stephanie today, It was fantastic to get a break!

if you haven't noticed it yet, I have some pretty amazing friends! we are only 3 days into May and I have many more friends to go...

How do you tell your friends you love them?
how do you show your friends you are grateful for them?
How do you let them know what they mean to you?

I myself don't have an answer to these questions, but I can tell you I am working on it, and hopefully by the end of this month Katie, Stephanie, and Becca won't be the only ones that will know just how much I love them! :)

and today I am really Grateful for my friends 
Stephanie and Becca!!! :)

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