Wednesday, May 1, 2013


helloooooooooooooooo MAY! we are glad you are here :)

today we are focusing on JOY

when you think of the word JOY, what comes to mind???

well I can tell you the first thing that pops in my head is a person! you've heard the saying Joy is Contagious and I am proof of that thanks to a fantastic friend of mine :) She always ALWAYS brings me joy! she is the most positive person in my life hands down! she always speaks from the heart and her words echo in my mind days beyond being said. she is wise and she is someone who cheers me on when I am weak and affirms me when I am in doubt. whenever I am with her I leave feeling blessed and loved! she is gentle, and kind, and  she never has a bad thing to say about anyone. She is always equipped with a beautiful smile and a sweet spirit. She really is one of my FAVORITE people on this earth! in the time that I have known her I have been so encouraged to be a better mom and wife just by watching her. If you haven't figured it out yet shes pretty much amazing! I am so thankful for her friendship in my life and the thought of her always puts a huge smile on my face and Joy in my heart... If I had to count the joys in my life, she would be close to the top of my list! and it should come as no surprise that she even has a blog called Counting joys and if you go there you will see a small glimpse as to why I adore her :)

So today I want to highlight Katie Kafoure, someone who always inspires joy in my life and is a true reflection of joy from the Lord! You are loved, adored, and cherished as one of my favorite friends and I am so grateful for the witness of Joy you have been to me :) love you oodles!

what brings you real  JOY???
Do that!
Be that!
Share that!
Spend more time with that!!
Gravitate to Joy!!
whatever it is, get more of it and pass it on to those around you.. BE JOY!

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  1. Wowee, Sweet Friend. I'm speechless. Thank you! I'm so blessed to know you! The many many SELFLESS ways that you make love & encouragement TANGIBLE to so many people blow me away! Thank you for bringing so many smiles to my face. You're amazing in so many ways! Love you!