Monday, June 13, 2011

well my word it has already been 9 months

holy moly as of tomorrow I will have a 9 month old, I cannot believe it! this time has flown by and It is hard for me to come to grips with the fact that my sweet little baby is GROWING up and fast! Gentry has brought so much joy to our lives and continues to brighten each day! She is a total blessing and in this moment I cannot imagine my life without her...

here is a little scoop on our little poop!

she is a crawling machine and into everything she can get into. she is pulling up and just today helped herself to pulling up and sitting on the couch. We anticipate she will be walking within weeks since she is already standing by herself. I guess you could say she is the busiest baby on the block. this girl does not stop, but is this surprising knowing I am her mama? she is one social butterfly and LOVES other kids big and small... she is a happy happy and very smiley little girl! her favorite things to say are HEY, DADA, MAMA, BUBBA(this is her gpa), and MORE... we are just now working on sign language- please, thank you, all done and more. she loves to wave and anytime this girl hears music she is moving, I think we have a little dancer on our hands... she now loves to go shopping but I think she finds more joy in the attention she gets from fellow shoppers then the actual act of shopping itself ;) she loves to swing in her swing we bought for the porch.bath time and time at the pool are on her list of favorite moments and she can always be found close to buns and lola... she loves them and every morning when we all (me buns and lola) go in to get her from her crib she gets a huge smile and loves to wave good morning to them.. Gentry is 100% FULL of personality, she is a hoot and continues to crack me up on a daily basis... she has recently discovered some new friends that come by for a nightly visit to QUACK us up... she is obsessed with her duck buddies and waits by the front door for their arrival, this of course is hilarious to me :) I think she might be a small little thing she is just now in 6 month and sometimes 6-9 month clothes and we just graduated to size 3 diapers today...I also just noticed today we have a wee little tooth a poking through about to make its debut, but this however doesn't seem to bother her, she is much too busy getting into everything to care about a silly tooth :) she loves sweet potatoes with cinnamon and recently our new favorite is mashed up bananas and of course anything that is going in my mouth seems to be her favorite too. she loves to read books our favorites being 8 silly monkey's, and anything Dr Seuss (clearly taking after her mama)... this little lady is rarely without a bow and painted toe nails and never without bracelets! She is a fashionista in the making... aside from her bubbling personality she is a snuggler when its almost bed time... and every night she puts herself to sleep- for this I am grateful :) we have been paci free since 4 months of age and never was interested in her thumb (thank the lord)... she goes to bed at 8 and wakes up between 8 and 8:30am and still takes 2 - 2hour naps during the day... this is now about the only time I get anything done so I cherish my 4 hours of freedom :)... Gentry has perfected the art of entertaining herself... we daily have "crib time" where she will sit in her crib with 3 toys of choice and listen to some music and play... as long as there is music this little lady is happy happy! she is a jabber mouth and is always "talking" or making noises. she loves to ride in the car and is a fantastic traveler!!!she loves to do anything that involves rolling around in her stroller especially if that includes going for walks with buns and lola.... all in all I can say the Lord picked the perfect little girl to be apart of our family. we love her dearly and feel truly honored that we can call ourselves her parents, she keeps our life fun, fresh, and full of laughter and for this we are THANKFUL! We pray for her daily and delight ourselves in the little things like the giggles, grins and the overall time we get to spend with her :) 

my cute little brown eyed buggie
Thank you Lord for giving us the sweetest little lady and for hand picking her just for us, we have really enjoyed these 9 months and are excited for many more :)

big smiles

enjoying a dip in the pool

pretty in pearls

our duck friends coming to play


  1. she is adorable! i wish we could spend time with you guys and watch her grow, but I'm glad there is fb to keep us connected. I was surprised from the what you said about her being small, of course you can't tell from pix, but I thought she looked kinda big! Cole is small too. He still fits in some 12 mo clothes, mainly shorts, and around other kids his age he's a lil short, but it's ok, cause God knew just what he was doing when he knit these little buggers together!

  2. She's so gorgeous. I love the picture of her with the pearls! LOL

  3. We love Gentry!!!! MC says she can't wait to hang out with her BFF soon!