Thursday, June 23, 2011

Show us your Single Friends Kari

linking up with Kellys Kornor for show us your single friends... so i have a great single friend I want to share with you...

this little lady has all the spunk in the world and is full of fun!!!

Kari  is 28 currently lives in Nashville TN, but is originally from Sikeston MO home of the famous flying rolls at Lamberts( if you've never been GO). We met in College and became the best of friends... we were both in the same Sorority Zeta Tau Alpha, I guess you could say we were always getting in trouble pulling pranks, wait no let me rephrase that I was always getting in trouble.. she was always getting away with it ;)... 

college days

a few years after college we both found ourselves in Charleston SC where we became roommates!  I am sooooo thankful for this! we had so much fun together! The Lord has really blessed me with Kari's friendship, she is indeed a true gem... Loving, Logical, and so fun to be around!

here are some great things about Kari... She truly Loves the Lord! She is one faithful follower, and you will know that within minutes of talking to her! She loves loves loves music, which should come as no surprise why she enjoys living in Nashville TN. I always joke with her because it doesn't matter what radio station you are listening to, kari will know every word to every song :) And boy oh boy can this girl bust a move! she is a dancing machine! she is certainly fun to be around and comes equiped with witty remarks and things to make you giggle! In addition this little lady is a fantastic friend, her friendship has been a blessing to me over the years and if you knew her you would know why! she is intentional with her conversations and genuinly cares and loves people! I remember a time when we were living together and I got some rather unsettling news... in those moments her exact comment to me which I remember very well was... " don't worry you are not walking through this alone... I will be here to help pray and carry you through this" -- its friendships like that that really impact you and I can honestly say Kari has been one of them! Kari currently works in the Finance/ banking world and is a great manager with her moola! She loves kiddos and cannot wait to be a mama some day... I can already say her kids will be blessed beyond measure!

things that describe Kari:
*Fun* Honest* Genuine * Logical * Loving* Independent* Servant* Faithful* Caring* Spunky* God Fearing* Adventurous* Hilarious* Passionate* Woman of God!!

Kari will make a great wife to some lucky guy someday...Losers need not apply! this guy better be ready to have a fun filled life with lots of laugther, adventrues, concerts, and some goooooooooood cookin (she is a awesome cook) !!! And he better Love the Lord passionately!!

If you know a guy that can help continue to bring out the best in Kari then leave me a comment below :) or you can email me at

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