Thursday, June 23, 2011

Show me your single friend- Heather

Today I am Linking up with kellys korner for show us your Singles friday... 

with this being said I have a sweet single friend that I love dearly and think the world of, so the guy that marries her will have to be one GREAT guy!

Heather will more then likely kill me for this, but she loves me enough to forgive me ;)

Heather currently lives in St Louis MO but is originally from Dayton Ohio. We met in college at Union University in Jackson TN... we were both in the same sorority (Zeta Tau Alpha) where she was my big sis... I am so thankful the Lord brought her into my life for she has become one of my favorite and most cherished friends. she is a blessing not only to my life but to everyone she comes in contact with! Heather LOVES the Lord fully and challenges those around her to do the same...Her Love for the Lord Resonates by how she lives and I guess it should come as no surprise that this lady has taken her passion for the Lord and pours into high schoolers in the St Louis area. She is a K life leader and leads weekly meetings, arranges wacky fun filled events, but more importantly helps to plant the seed of eternal life in the youth of today. She is indeed wonder woman ;) or so I like to think... she is adventure oriented and a terrific friend! I am sure you can tell by the photos that she is GORGEOUS, but aside from that it is complicated to put into exact words the beauty of Heather on the inside... there is indeed no one like her and it will take a special guy to capture her heart!

what describes Heather:
Sweet* Beautiful* Loving*Servant*Creative* Compassionate* Determined* Independant*Humble*Elegant*Chanllenging* Fun* Hilarious*Passionate woman of God!!!

Heather has a way of making everyone feel special. I love getting sweet cards or messages from her just because she wanted me to know she love me!  She is intentional with her conversations and encouraging when you need it! She will indeed make a terrific wife someday, but not just for anyone... this guy better be the best of the best! a Godly leader that will love fully and live their life as a testimony, all while having fun, laughing lots, and eating a ton of veggies (shes a vegetarian). bottom line is I think the world of Heather and she needs a terrific Guy to join her on this amazing journey of life, but if he isnt a spiritual leader that knows how to laugh then don't bother, cause I won't let her date just anyone... it is my duty to be protective like that :)

if you happen to know the perfect fella for my sweet friend leave a comment below :) or you can email me at

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