Tuesday, March 27, 2012

long lost updates and a fast approaching baby day!

I realize I have been rather lazy when it comes to updating my blog recently. All I can say is that life with a mile long "to do before baby comes" list and a 1 year old don't really go together too well. all in all things here have been great and it is finally sinking in that in about 2 weeks time we will be embarking on the adventures of life as a family of 4. I am excited, overwhelmed, and exhausted all rolled into one. Playing with Gentry these days have kept me all too busy, she cracks me up and I am so looking forward to her new role as "BIG SISTER". I think she will be a fantastic, loving and a fun big sis and I cannot wait to see her completely own it. I am hopeful that our period of adjustment into this role will be minimal considering she is obsessed with all babies :) I guess time will tell.....

it just came to my attention that I wrote a blog back in January regarding a waiting period we recently went thru with Greyleigh, but that I never published it.. so here below you will see what exactly it was.. oops sorry folks like I said life has been busy! so that long lost update starts now....

Recently we went thru a season of waiting... I can honestly say not only was it a season of waiting but a season of learning and clinging to the hope that God has great things in store for us and Greyleigh... let me explain...

on wednesday December 21st I had a dr appointment. at this dr appointment they did Greyleighs genetic scan ultrasound (5 weeks LATE) they were unable to see her whole spine. the Drs. were concerned that she was missing half of her spine, but they didn't rule out that it could be her placement.

in order to make sure the dr wanted a specialist to look at it. so we left our drs appointment with lots of questions and honestly in a state of numb confusion. due to the holidays I was told I had to wait a week to find out the results of the specialist... and for a worried mom that is an eternity! a week later I got a call saying the specialist could not conclude one way or the other and that I would need to come back in to get a heavy duty ultra sound, but that I would again have to wait until January 11th... another 2 weeks... uggg. those 2 weeks went by as slow as possible and I found myself worried but constantly praying..and really going through alot of emotions as to be expected, but I was determined not to let satan steal our joy over this precious child.

on the morning of January 11th I woke up got ready and made my way to my appointment... I can't explain the overwhelming amount of peace I felt in these moments, yes my emotions were going crazy and my morning was filled with many tears, but I felt so comforted. I got to the drs office to find my mom and bubba already there to meet me with positive and cheery smiles, my mom of course gave me her usual pep talk :) and when phil got there we went in for the ultrasound... thankfully I am DELIGHTED to report that Greyleigh's spine looked perfect and it is NOT missing!!!!

 I am confident that waiting peirod was not in vain, it really helped me cling to the Lord for strength and trust that he knows the answers even before they become our questions. The Lord is faithful for this I am sure and I can confidently say we are thankful the Lord brought us through this circumstance simply for the amount of times it made us get on our knees!
We are not really sure what this could have meant for Greyleigh and her future but we do know we have a God that was in total control. I can tell you I am grateful I was able to cling to the hope that he provided during our waiting period. Greyleigh is indeed precious in his sight and I can only hope that she will someday come to see just how precious she is not only to us, but to HIM too...

so that was our waiting period and I am thankful that God was able to triumph even in my half hearted moments of faith. like I said I never really asked what would have been had Greyleigh been missing half her spine, but I know that the moment she takes her first step in life will be one that will be completely FULL of joy and probably tears because at one point I didn't know if this would ever be something we would witness.. Thankfully God had differnt plans for her :) She was indeed formed by his hands, dreamed up in his heart and will definitely be placed in this world for purposes I cannot wait to witness.

to say my life is full of blessings these days doesn't even begin to describe my reality. The Lord continues to bless us in ways I cannot comprehend and for this I am thankful. so as our last moments as a family of 3 come to an end, I am ever so hopeful for the journey ahead and excited to see where the Lord takes us. 

Greyleigh, you can go ahead and join us now, we are ready to meet you and love you to pieces! :)

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