Friday, April 26, 2013

MAY we be...

So the month of MAY is almost upon us and with this comes another month of fun around here... if you have followed our family blog then you know this past Christmas we did the "12 days of Kindness" where we focused on showing kindness to others! Gentry loved it and I did too :)  so I thought long and hard talked with my husband, and have decided we are going to turn MAY into a new fun challenge for our family!

this month we will focus on...
MAY we be kind
MAY we be grateful
MAY we be joyful

I feel like these 3 words have been layed on my heart a lot lately and I am excited to see how we are challenged this month to turn these words into actions! They say if you practice something for 30 days it becomes a habit and that is my hope, that it becomes a habit for us to be kind, grateful, and joyful in all that we do...

I am also going to try to blog everyday, maybe this will become a habit too ;) 

if you would like to join us on this challenge please let me know! the more the merrier :) use #Maywebe2013

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