Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Changes and 4 month check ups... dun dun dun

you guessed it, yesterday was the dreaded day for round 2 of shots... screams were heard from miles away! to say Gentry was a wee bit unhappy with our choice of activity would be an understatement... she was IRATE, but she managed to jump back into her happy self shortly after...

she now weighs 14lbs 12 oz-- (doubled from her birth weight of 7lbs 11oz)
she is now 25 and 1/4 inches long
and is in both the 75% for weight and height!

tonight we begin solids... this should be fun seeing as how she has just recently taught herself to blow spit bubbles... I forsee rice cereal making its way to my face in the near future...

its crazy how fast these 4 months have gone by... when people tell you "cherish this time they grow up so fast" they arent kidding! it seems like just a week ago we were bringing her home from the hospital and waking up around the clock to feed this baby that I felt like I was just babysitting... turns out it wasnt a babysitting job- it was permanent and I am so thankful it was... I love Gentry to pieces and fall more in love with her by the day...

the highlight of my day is the moments I see that sweet gummy smile followed by giggles - to say I am cherishing these times doesnt quite get the point across... these moments are what make me thankful that the Lord could grant me with such a sweet and precious gift! For our family- yes I hope there will be more children in our future, but there will never be another Gentry Emerson Reynolds in these precious moments because she is growing up day by day, and while I am so excited to see the future with her, its tough letting go of the past and knowing shes just gonna get bigger from here!
Gentry Day 1

Gentry 4 months later